Killer Keyword Research

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This in-depth course gives you everything you need to get real SEO results from your blogging (because “getting all the green lights” doesn’t cut it).
You’ll learn exactly how to do in-depth keyword research so you can make sure your blog posts have a chance at that coveted first page for search terms that your audience is *actually* searching.
Full disclaimer: This course isn’t for the casual beginner or the new blogger just getting started. If you’ve got a vague general grasp on SEO, but struggle with actually implementing it in a meaningful way, this is the course for you.
Plus, it’s not boring and jargon-y, like so many other SEO courses out there. So that’s cool too 🙂




Course Includes:

  • 6 lessons with video and text breaking down my rinse-and-repeat process
  • Loads of bonus extras like worksheets, checklists, flashcards, spreadsheets, and more
  • over-the-shoulder demonstration videos of every step of the process
  • breakdowns of different keyword research tools for every budget
  • lifetime* access to all course materials (and future updates)

About Claire:

I’m Claire, Content Marketing Strategist & SEO Specialist/Superhero/Mega-Nerd.

I help other online entrepreneurs and bloggers use SEO and content marketing to level up their long-term growth, impact their business’s bottom line, and market in an introvert-friendly and mental-health-friendly way (ie. without social media burnout).

Super cool SEO street cred: one time I increased traffic to a client’s existing blog post by 450% in one day!


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