Toronto Bloggers Collective

This is a community for bloggers and content creators who are either from Toronto or currently living in Toronto. This is a space to support colleagues in the industry with information, as well as engaging with each other’s content. We also aim to have regular events that prop up our community.

Quarterly Regular Meet-Ups

One word that sums up the Toronto Bloggers Collective is “Community.” To help support our members the TBC hosts regular Toronto content creator meetups for our members. Some of these events are social, some are networking events. But the end goal is to come together to network, share ideas, and grow as a community.

Sponsored Events

On top of social meetups the Toronto Bloggers Collective runs events hosted by brands and businesses designed to promote professional networking with the Toronto content creator community. These events are a chance for brands and businesses to network with the best and brightest of Toronto’s content creator community.

Workshops & Courses

In addition to regular meetups, another opportunity for our members to grow, develop, and learn is through Workshops, Courses, and Webinars. Most courses are held live before a scheduled meet up or offered online. All material is developed by the TBC Admins as well as other trailblazing pioneers in the content creation industry.

Building community


You all are really doing a great job of building community. 

- Carol Perehudoff

Owner | Content Creator, Wandering Carol

Get In Touch

If you have any questions regarding becoming a member and sponsorship opportunities or if you just want to shower us with compliments you can reach us here.

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